What is a home inspection and why you might need it.

Why do home buyers need a home inspection?

The purchase of a home may represent the biggest investment a buyer will ever make. Home buyers should try to understand as much as they can about the house before they buy it in order to reduce unpleasant surprises and unforeseen challenges.


A house inspection may reveal the need for significant repairs or construction flaws, as well as the requirement for upkeep to keep it in good condition. Homebuyers will have a greater understanding of their potential home through the home inspection process, enabling them to make decisions with confidence.


Developers provide a one-year warranty on new handed properties, a report will help you in providing the developer with a complete snag list for them to fix,


Or you are nearing the end of your one-year warranty period on your property, at the 11th month we can provide you with a list of defects the developer can fix before the expiry of the property,


A home inspection might also provide a chance for a homeowner who intends to sell their house to make improvements that will improve the property’s marketability.

What if the inspection report reveals problems?

 It is significant to remember that no house is flawless. Every home inspection will reveal problems with the house, and the inspector will explain how serious they are. In order for the customer to proceed with the home-buying process with confidence, the home inspector’s objective is to leave their clients with a deeper understanding of their potential home.



Any problems, dangers, or health difficulties that might affect the customer’s choice should be clearly disclosed to the client. The function of the inspector is to assist the clients in comprehending the total cost of ownership rather than advising them on whether or not to purchase the home.


Homebuyers may want to bargain with the seller to make repairs if significant issues are discovered.

What is a home inspection?

 A home inspection is a visual evaluation of the mechanical and structural components of a home, including the rooftop, walls, flooring, windows, and doors.

Major appliances will be tested for functionality, and the inspector will also analyze the air condition system, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as maybe exploring the exterior and basement.

Finding problems with the actual home is the aim of a home inspection. Inspectors won’t give you advice on the sale price of the property or tell you if you’re getting a fair bargain on it.

What’s included in a home inspection report?

A thorough house inspection report includes checklists, summaries, images, and notes. In addition to the roof, structure, paint, and finishes, it may assess the usable life that is still left in major systems and equipment.

The crucial details will also contain suggested fixes and upgrades.

Inspections are not pass/fail tests. Even though a home inspection may reveal problems that necessitate additional discussion with the developer or the seller, no repairs are required afterward. You’ll learn a lot about the house and feel more confident about your decision to live there, or you’ll discover enough to decide against buying it.


We have a list of inspection points that we go through with every property covering:

A/C and Plumbing

Electrical Systems

Fans & Ventilation

Carpentry & Stairs

External Works

Painting & Decorations

Doors & Windows

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Floors & Coverings

Plastering & Drylining​

Level Tolerances

Driveway & Garden

What is excluded is:

       Firefighting systems

       CCTV and data connection

       Gas supply

       Anything that is not visible to the eyes such as pipes, pillars, foundation.

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