What is causing your A/C drain line to clog?

Many homeowners face this issue especially in the summertime, combining moisture and dust particles in the air leads to the A/C drain lines clogging.

Mold, dust particles, debris and other pollutants may accumulate inside them.

This clog will negatively impact your A/C unit’s performance and efficiency, and if neglected for a long time, it will damage the A/C unit and would lead to a necessary replacement.

How do you know if the drain line is clogged? Here are some noticeable signs:

  • There is standing water in the drain pan of the indoor A/C unit.
  • A noticeable damp conditions or water damage.
  • A moldy/musty smell coming from the A/C indoor vents.
  • A/C not turning on (keep on switching off) or it is not cooling.

How can you prevent this?

There are a couple of steps that you can take as a homeowner, or hire a professional such as Fix My Property Technical Services to carry the following necessary steps: 

  1. Clean and/or replace the A/C filters frequently; in Dubai during the summertime, dust particles increase combined with the humid hot air, and most homeowner face clogged drain lines; periodically cleaning the filters will prevent the evaporator coil to build up dust.
  2. Flushing your system regularly is another step that will help avoid clogged drain lines; periodic flushing with water and other chemicals will help get rid of molds, mildew and algae that might be found in your drain lines.
  3. Installing a condensate trap if you don’t have one already in place; will help in preventing air from entering or escaping the drain lines during operation.
  4. Are your drain lines installed properly? If not, then this issue will occur more frequently than normal and a new pipeline is required.
  5. Install a secondary drainage tray; this will be a backup in case things go wrong and will give you a bit more time to call a professional to look into the matter and to avoid any major leaks that can damage your ceiling.

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