3 Most Common Types Of Waterproofing

Waterproofing can be added to strengthen your property infrastructure and core against any

future damages that can be caused due to natural elements or even sometimes major water leaks. It can be applied in different areas whether it’s the balcony/roof or concrete surface, there are many methods and ways to accomplish the goal depending on the situation. Some of the common waterproofing techniques in are:

Torch on membrane waterproofing

This waterproofing method is the most common used waterproofing method, it is also known as torch applied membrane.

Where can it be applied?

It is the most commonly used method and it is both easy and most cost effective waterproofing method that can be used on different surfaces, including roofs, balconies, building floor, wet areas, and many more.

How does it work?

Using the torch, we bound thoroughly the waterproofing membranes and the substrate.

Liquid membrane waterproofing

Sometimes tight and smaller areas can be harder to apply the torch on membrane waterproofing, and an alternative solution is the liquid membrane waterproofing method. This method is widely used on balconies and water features such as swimming pools.

Advantages over other waterproofing methods?

Having a different composite compared to other waterproofing methods, the liquid membrane has the ability to adapt to any changes that can occur to a building, whether it be the building expanding or contracting, making it a highly recommendable method for complex projects and building constructions.

Epoxy coatings

This waterproofing method is mostly used to waterproof large areas, such as walkways and flooring such as parking areas.

How is it different from other methods?

What differentiates the Epoxy coating with the other methods is the ability to customize both the finishing and the color. In addition, there are heavy duty epoxy that can be used in areas that require strength to sustain damages and non-slip Epoxy coating, that usually fit the requirements of industrial areas such as plant rooms or areas where the floor can get somewhat slippery.


The above three methods of waterproofing are the most commonly used. It can help you in avoiding future damage or simply waterproofing to strengthen your property infrastructure.

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