What Is Property Maintenance?

Many to date either don’t understand or don’t give much attention to property maintenance, but we are here to better explain and share our knowledge on what it is and what it covers.

Property maintenance is also referred to as home maintenance, facility maintenance and/or real estate maintenance.

Home or property maintenance basically covers periodic maintenance which also falls under the general class of home repair. In summary, it basically means to find the small issues and fix them before they become bigger and costly to repair.

Property Maintenance, what does it mean?

Home or property maintenance basically refers to the overall upkeep of a property or land; that covers both residential and commercial properties. Property maintenance is usually the responsibility of the property owner or tenant as per the agreement, where sometimes those tasks are moved to a property maintenance company, such as Hammers & Ladders, to take care of such tasks.

What services fall under property maintenance?

1. General and specific repairs.

2. Cleaning services

3. Installation of various fixtures.

4. Installation and upkeep of utilities such as plumbing, electrical, wiring, air conditioning, etc.

5. Structural repairs or re-installation of roofing or garage doors.

6. Cosmetic or aesthetic changes such as a new paint job.

Why should you have a maintenance contract?

Unless the property owner has good knowledge of maintaining their property, we recommend owners hire a professional company to maintain their property; why so?

1. Troubleshooting and fixing small issues early can save you money on a major breakdown or leak at later stages.

2. It takes a longer time to fix something once it has gone wrong.

3. Your property is the most expensive asset you own.

4. It adds value to your property.

5. Top shape equals less possibility of things going wrong.

6. Having more faith in your home, knowing everything is running as it should.

What are the different types of maintenance contracts?

1. Home / Property Maintenance

Main focus is on maintaining your home 3 main pillars, Air Condition, Plumbing and Electrical. In addition, other aspects can fall under home maintenance such as Garage Door, Masonry, Fixed Woodworks, External Doors & Windows.

2. Garden / Landscape Maintenance

Periodic visits by a professional gardener to assure all plants are in top healthy shape, whether it is supplying water or maintaining the soil.

3. Swimming Pool / Water Feature Maintenance

Periodic visit to assure all chemicals are at the right level, in addition to cleaning and checking on the motors.

4. Cleaning Maintenance

Periodic visits assure the cleanliness of the area, whether it is window cleaning, pave yard, facade washing and/or cleanliness of the kitchen.

Do you require more information on Maintenance?

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