How To Transform Your Outdoor Space To Your Personal Oasis

Dubai summers as we know can be both hot and humid, which limits our outdoor space usage, so why not take advantage of this down time and plan on transforming your outdoor space to your personal oasis, where you can spend time with the family during the upcoming winter season?


Many of our clients get confused sometimes on where to start, or how to do it; well here are some tips you can apply to your own outdoor space planning phase.

(Image description: patio extension project)

1. Deck & Patio Installation

Adding a deck or a patio will infuse your indoor and outdoor space creating a smooth visual transition. Not only it provides the sense of increased space but also transform how your outdoor space feels like.

If you already have a patio or a deck installed previously, then you won’t require to start from scratch; a simple repair or restoration can create the difference required.

Some things to think about during the planning phase:

Location; where and when is there sun covering which area.

Purpose; what will you be using it for, for instance can be dining area, BBQ and/or lounge.

Material; depending on the purpose you can know what sort of materials you require to execute the job, such as stones, brick, gravel, wood.

Water & Electric supply; whether you require a wash basin next to the BBQ or electric supply for additional outdoor lights and electric sockets.

(Image description: wooden pergola)

2. Roofing & Pergola

After locating the location of your seating area, next step you require to plan is what type of roofing you require to block the sun out during the day (if you intend to). It can be a fixed roofing or an adjustable one; pillars made of wood or aluminum, covered with glass or fabric. It is important to choose materials that can hold up the longest against the weather as it saves you both money and time in the long run.

(Image description: colored wooden fence for kindergarten)

3. Fencing

Whether it’s purposed to be a separator or decoration, fencing can set your outdoor space designated areas for the guest to understand or to have some privacy from your neighbors. Choosing the height, thickness, type of material can set the vibe to the overall look. Similarly, to the roofing, choosing the right material to withhold Dubai’s weather can save you money and time in the long run.

(Image description: vertical garden & unique designed shade)

4. Landscaping & Gardening

Flowers, grass and trees, is similar to your paintings and art pieces in your living room, it compliments your space along the furniture and expresses your personality. With different plants having different characteristics, it is important to know which ones require a lot of care and which don’t. Another point to consider is whether you require an irrigation system or not. Palm trees, should be your biggest decision, due to the U.A.E law, you cannot take it down without a prior approval from the concerned authority after planting them; so, its suggested to plant them in later stages of your outdoor space overhaul. In regards to trees, it is important to plan for the roots growth over time and possibly damaging your property infrastructure, so preparation is key.

(Image description: vertical garden & water feature)

5. Swimming Pool & Water Features

Similarly to your plants, a swimming pool and/or a water feature can add unique characteristics to your outdoor space. A pool can be used to cool down in the summers; and a water feature can add a flair to the overall design. It is important to put in mind the water consumption in addition to the maintenance, especially with swimming pools.

In summary, the key questions you should start with are:

1. What is your budget?

2. How much area you want to cover?

3. What is your usage for the space?

4. Do you require a professional planner?

5. When to start the project?

6. Do you require an outdoor space with least maintenance needs?

7. Do you want to execute the project all at once or over stages?

It is important to take your time in planning and do thorough research on what you want to do with your outdoor space, or maybe hire a professional to do the planning and suggestions for you.

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